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KABUKI Show at Kabuki-za in Ginza

KABUKI performance for beginners at National Theater


*if you prefer traditional Kabuki show at Kabuki-za in Ginza, please click here.

<Our service>

  • KABUKI performance for beginners tickets booking / reservation

  • Ticket delivery in Japan or worldwide depending on your request


  • National Theater near Imperial Palace, Tokyo

<Structure of the price:  #1 + #2 + #3>

#1 Ticket Price in JPY (per person)

  • 1st class A: 10,000

  • 1st class B: 6,500

  • 2nd class: 5,000

#2 Booking service fee per reservation:

      20% of total ticket price or 3,200 JPY as minimum

#3 Shipping fee - for details click here

  • Domestic delivery in Japan: 700 JPY [strongly recommended]

  • International shipping by EMS *not available now due to COVID-19

    • Asia: 2,400 JPY

    • Rest of the world: 3,200 JPY​​​​

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