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Are you a fan of Japanese artists?

Why don't you join the official fan club of your favorite artists via us?

"Fan Club Agency" service is available for people outside Japan!

What We Do

Basic service

  • Join official fan club on behalf of you, as a resident in Japan

  • Forward fan club email news to you by email.*no translation

  • Forward printed materials for new members by "ePacket".
    (1 time only - just after registration)
    (up to 300g in weight)

  • ​Provide ID & password for membership website.

PRICE: 20,000JPY per year
including membership fee to one fan club*

*if the official annual membership fee is exceeding 5,000 JPY, the difference will be added on 20,000JPY.

Additional service

  • ​Forward postal items from fan club as per request.

  • Utilize member benefits as per request.

    • buy & forward fan goods

    • apply to lottery for events and live tickets*

    • other

PRICE - Estimation required

Price of tickets/goods


Shipping rate


20% of total as a fee

(minimum 2,400JPY)

*The Fan Club administrators may require ID check at the entrance of live event. The depth of ID check may vary by event, by time. No one knows the latest process.

Although we support application to live ticket lottery, we CANNOT assure your entry to the live event.

In case the administrators require ID with registered address, there is a risk that you cannot enter in.

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