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Terms and conditions of

"Japanese Artist Fan Club" service

Payment method

  • We use "Paypal" as a payment method.

  • Payment of needs to be completed upfront.


<Basic services>

  • Fan Club newsletter/mail magazine by e-mail

    • We will forward the e-mail to your e-mail address.

    • The timing of forwarding depends on Fan Club activities.

  • Printed materials for newly registered members

    • We will forward by international email "ePacket".

    • The max weight should be 300g.

    • If the weight exceeds 300g, we will inform you to the surcharge before shipment.

<Additional services>​

  • If you order special requests such as booking of tickets for Fan Club members, shopping of goods exclusive for Fan Club members, we will dispatch tickets or goods by international mail "ePacket" or EMS depending on your request.

  • We will inform you the price and timing of shipment, based on your requests.


  • For each year, after payment, you CANNOT change or cancel registration at Fan Club, as we already proceed to Fan Club registration.

  • In order to terminate your Fan Club membership, you need to inform us via email 1 month before renewal of your membership.

  • Also you CANNOT return goods & tickets your ordered, as this is international transaction.

  • ​Therefore, please confirm your order well before completion of the payment.

Exemption from responsibility

  • In case that official fan club administrators suspend or close your membership for some reason, we cannot re-activate or re-register membership. In this case, we CANNOT make any refund of your payment to us.

  • In case that official fan club deny your entry to the live event for some reason, we cannot help you as we don't have any way to help you. In this case, we CANNOT make any refund of your payment to us.

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