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Our mission is to introduce outstanding Japanese products and services to the World.

We offer three types of services.

1/ Ticket/Experience booking

​2/ Themed cafe booking

3/ Fan Club proxy service

WHY booking with us?

​Booking local tickets

 for you

There are many cases that ticket reservation is not available or limited for residents outside Japan.


To book your tickets, we make the most of our advantage as a service provider located in Japan.

Worldwide shipping

Several ways of shipment are available depending on your preference and situation


- International: EMS, e-Packet

- Domestic: mail, courier

Secured payment

via Paypal

Paypal is the most popular and trusted 3rd party payment tool in the world. 


Paypal enables secured payment for both you and us.

Voice of customers

Tokyo Skytree

 Thanks to Experience Japan, we could book the set tickets of Tokyo Skytree tower. As we couldn't book this ticket from Australia, it was really helpful!

Voice of customers

Ghibli museum

  We are strong fun of Ghibli movies and it was one of the biggest event for us to go to Ghibli museum in Tokyo.

  By using this booking service, we could successfully get the tickets in advance. Also it is very nice to receive tickets before our trip as we prefer organized traveling:)

Voice of customers

​Draemon museum

  I just returned from our trip to Tokyo and Kyoto. My daughter likes draemon very much and we really enjoyed the museum!!

  Experience Japan staff is very helpful and kind. Though we contacted them just before our departure,  we could successfully reserve the tickets and receive that at the airbnb room we we're staying.

​Voice of customers

​Recognition by Government

We are recognized as a "High Hospitality" service provider by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan!

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