Ghibli museum tickets

<Our service>

  • Ghibli museum tickets booking / reservation

  • Ticket delivery in Japan or worldwide depending on your request

<Structure of the price:  #1 + #2 + #3>

#1 Ticket Price: including fee to booking staff. 

  • Adults - 18 years old and over; 2,000JPY

  • 13-17 years old; 1,400JPY

  • 7-12 years old; 1,000 JPY

  • 4-6 years old; 1,000 JPY

#2 Booking proxy service fee per group​: 3,200 JPY

#3 Shipping fee - for details click here

  • Domestic shipping in Japan - 700 JPY [strongly recommended]

  • International shipping by EMS *not available now due to COVID-19  

    • Asia: 2,400 JPY

    • Rest of the world: 3,200 JPY​​​​

​<Latest availability​​>

  • 2022 Nov: very limited

  • 2022 Dec: please request before Nov.3rd

  • 2023 Jan: please request before Dec.3rd

  • 2023 Feb: please request before Jan.3rd

  • 2023 Mar: please request before Feb.3rd

<Dates of the museum closure>

  • Every Tuesday


  • [Q] Booking guaranteed? 

    • [A] No agency can guarantee including HIS, Voyagin, KKday, Klook etc.

    • [A] However, current success rate is more than 98%, thanks to our knowledge on booking systemexperienced booking collaborators and access to cancelled tickets!  

    • [A] To ensure booking, please provide as many date/time options as possible.

    • [A] We will refund the total amount, if we cannot book.

  • [Q] Only printed tickets?

    • [A] ​The museum only provides printed tickets, thus we need to deliver tickets physically. 

  • [Q] Deliver tickets to Airbnb?

    • [A] Basically yes. You need to confirm with the host.

    • [A] If the host always lives there, we will ship tickets to the host.

    • [A] If the host doesn't live there, tickets will be delivered to the mail box by Japan Post. To minimize the risk of lost, we specify the date of delivery as your check-in date.