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Ghibli museum tickets

<Our service>

  • Ghibli museum tickets booking / reservation

  • Ticket delivery in Japan or worldwide depending on your request

<Structure of the price:  #1 + #2 + #3>

#1 Ticket Price: including fee to booking & payment system. 

  • Adults - 18 years old and over; 2,000JPY

  • 13-17 years old; 1,400JPY

  • 7-12 years old; 1,000 JPY

  • 4-6 years old; 1,000 JPY

#2 booking service fee per group​: 3,200 JPY or 4,400JPY
      - Request before start of tickets sales: 3,200JPY

      - Last minutes request after the start of tickets sales: 4,400JPY    

#3 Shipping fee - for details click here

  • Domestic shipping in Japan - 800 JPY

  • International shipping by EMS *not available now

​<Latest availability​>

  • 2023 October: already closed accepting requests

  • 2023 November: please contact by the end of Sep.

<Dates of the museum closure>

  • Every Tuesday


  • [Q] Booking guaranteed? 

    • [A] No agency can guarantee including HIS, Voyagin, KKday, Klook etc.

    • [A] However, current success rate is more than 98%, thanks to our knowledge on booking systemexperienced booking collaborators and access to cancelled tickets!  

    • [A] To ensure booking, please provide as many date/time options as possible.

    • [A] We will refund the total amount, if we cannot book.

  • [Q] Only printed tickets?

    • [A] ​The museum only provides printed tickets, thus we need to deliver tickets physically. 

  • [Q] Deliver tickets to Airbnb?

    • [A] Basically yes. You need to confirm with the host.

    • [A] If the host always lives there, we will ship tickets to the host.

    • [A] If the host doesn't live there, we will consult the way of delivery with you via email.  

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