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Terms and conditions of

"Ticket booking" service

Payment items

  • "Official ticket price": Fee for the ticket itself

  • "Booking service fee": Fee for our booking service

  • "Shipment fee": Fee for shipping

Payment method

  • We use "Paypal" as a payment method

  • Payment needs to be completed up front

Domestic delivery in Japan [STRONGLY RECOMMENDED]

Basically, we recommend shipping to your address in Japan i.e. hotels, guesthouse, Airbnb etc

[Hotel / Guesthouse / House of Friends] - 700JPY

  • You can pick up at the hotel

  • We send tickets with tracking number and insurance up to 50k JPY

[Airbnb and other room sharing services] - 700JPY

  • We need to confirm with you how to deliver tickets

    • Pick up from the mail box of airbnb - tracking number NOT available, without insurance

    • Receive at the room directly from courier delivery person - tracking number available, without insurance

International delivery by EMS - [NOT RECOMMENDED]

In general, we don't recommend international shipping to avoid trouble in delivery etc.

However, if you need international delivery, we can dispatch tickets.

Only EMS is available.

​[EMS] 1,800JPY to Asia, 2,500 JPY to rest of the world, 7-10 days in general


  • All tickets CANNOT be canceled or changed due to the policy of each ticket itself

  • Please make sure that you are fine with your schecule beforehand

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