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Terms and conditions of

"Experience booking" service

Total payment to us

  • "Booking service fee". 1500 JPY per person or 3000 JPY as minimum

  • ​You also need to pay to each institution i.e. restaurant, salon for their service.

Payment method

  • We use "Paypal" as a payment method

  • Payment of "Booking fee" needs to be completed upfront

Reservation details

  • Once we made a reservation for you, we will send an e-mail to you as a confirmation of reservation details


  • In any case, "Reservation fee" CANNOT be refunded, once we make a reservation for you

  • In case of cancellation, "Cancellation charge" may occur depending on terms & conditions of each fascility

  • In case of change in date/time/number of people/menu/plan, "Change fee" is necesssary

  • Please note that changes may not be available depending on the availabilty of each institution

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